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WP Quiz Pro WordPress Plugin by MyThemeShop.

WP Quiz Pro is the best premium WordPress plugin to increase the user interaction and there by your website traffic. WP Quiz Pro is the number one WordPress plugin for building powerful and beautiful quizzes.

It is the ONLY WP plugin to have a Facebook Quiz. If you are the kind of person who takes a keen interest in creating high-traffic posts, you are going to love this product.

Viral posts are hard to produce but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a method to create one viral post after another? What wouldn’t you give for such a method?

Creating an interesting quiz, targeted towards an enthusiastic audience, is the secret sauce for creating multiple viral posts in a row. People can’t stop themselves from finding out if they know more about a Movie/TV series than their friends or if their knowledge of celebrities is upto date.

Viral Quiz creation is precisely the method websites like BuzzFeed have been using to create posts that receive 22 million page views and 3 million social shares.

Now, you know creating a quiz is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s where this plugin come in.

This plugin make it easy for you to churn out one quiz after the other even if you have zero knowledge of coding.

WP Quiz Pro premium plugin makes creating Quizzes easy and effortless. Five different quiz types are included making sure you have adequate options to create unique styles of your Quiz.

Generate free traffic and create a lot of brand awareness with WP Quiz Pro. It is THE plugin we all have been waiting for.

Here are the various options this plugin is offering:

You can add new quizzes of following types:

  • Trivia Quiz Type
  • Personality Quiz Type
  • Swiper Quiz Type
  • Flip Card Quiz Type
  • Facebook Quiz
  • Add Questions
  • Add Results


Donwload WP Quiz Pro WordPress Plugin

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